Biggest AWS Takeaways After First Week

After my first week diving into AWS study, here's the biggest takeaways.


Staged Changes With Lodash

Detecting staged changes to enable action buttons is a common practice in most applications. Learn a simple trick for managing this state with lodash, effects, and component state.


How Click Away Listeners Work

Most popular component libraries have a built in click away listener to handle closing a dropdown, dialog, or drawer. In this post, I look at how they work under the hood.


A Short Guide to Cookies

In this post, we go over how cookies work, their purpose, and common cookie attributes.


A Visualizer for React Effects

The complete visual guide to react effects.


The Art Of Learning - Software Engineering

The Art Of Learning by Josh Waitzkin has huge implications for software engineers. Here's my main takeaways.


Not All Code Should Be Dry

In an attempt to write DRY code, we often expose ourselves to unnecessary complications. learn how to avoid those complications in this article.


Chrome on iOS

With our initial product release, Chrome wasn't working on iOS devices. Turns out there's this weird thing called crios we needed to account for.


Why Does React Need To Be In Scope?

I've always wondered why I get the "React must be in scope when using JSX" error. Now I know.


Reflecting on our Defects First Experiment

In 2020, my team tried a somewhat radical process change - we would always fix defects before implementing new features. Here I reveal what we've learned over through that experiment.


Three Rules to be INSANELY productive working from home

Struggling to be productive while working remote? Use these three rules to double your productivity while finding increased satisfaction in your work.


Switching From Enzyme to React Testing Library

Looking to simplify your React unit tests? Then it's time to switch to React Testing Library.


React Testing Library - Custom Hooks

Tired of creating one time components to test your custom hook? Take a look at this intro to React Testing Library's renderHook utility.


React Testing Library - Advanced Cases

Mocking out custom hooks to test the component in isolation.


React Testing Library - A Starters Guide

Getting started with React Testing Library - Rendering, Queries, and Events.


Evergreen Software

Not all software is doomed to become legacy code. Learn the simple hack for creating software that always feels brand new.


Dynamic Programming

Understand how to use dynamic programming to dramatically increase the speed of repetitive operations like the fibonacci sequence.


SVG and Raster Image

In this guide, we explore the differences between svg and raster images and when to avoid one or the other.


Understanding the React Ecosystem

A quick overview of how React's architecture has created the best frontend ecosystem in the world.


How to do that Angular Thing in React

Transition quickly from angular to react with this quick and practical comparison guide.


Post Bootcamp Advice

A no nonsense schedule after graduating from a development bootcamp. Land your dream job (and never work more than 40 hours in a week).


Benefits of React Hooks

Struggling to understand react hooks and why they're so powerful? Start here.


React Native Architecture 101

A brief walk through of React Native's architecture.


Learn Cloud Functions In Six Minutes

Get up and running with Firebase Cloud Functions in under six minutes.


Useful Angular Patterns For React

Learn how to apply the best principles in Angular to your React application.


The Zombie Feature Survival Guide

How to finally finish (through refinement) that never ending feature.


Lessons Building A Blog From Scratch

A summary of my biggest takeaways building a blog from scratch.